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4 Reasons You Need a Low Pro

4 Reasons You Need a Low Pro

Here are the top 4 features that make the Low Pro the perfect stool for the everyday garage:

  1. Slim Shape — Floor space is best used to store more toys. The Low Pro’s slim, rectangular design takes up less space in the garage and easily tucks away. Heck, you could even hang it on the wall. Not only that, it makes working in tight spaces a breeze.
  2. Removable Seat – Sometimes the job requires you to get down low on the ground. Why not take Vyper comfort with you? The wide, plush seat is easily removable and doubles as a kneeling pad. 
  3. Tool Storage Galore – Have you ever talked yourself out of buying new tools because you said you “didn’t have the space?” Well, you can throw that shitty excuse out the window! The Low Pro comes fully equipped with a dual-sided tool tray to keep everything within reach instead of laying all over your shop floor. 
  4. Different Seating Positions – 2 chairs in 1? Pretty much. Sit normally and take full advantage of the wide seat and tool storage on both sides. Sit in a straddle position and have when you need tools to be easily accessible right between your legs.


Isn't it time to add one to your garage? Shop the Low Pro, here.
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