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  • Organizational Cheat Code

    Organizational Cheat Code

    It's simple - organization increases efficiency. Tool trays cut down on lost time searching for lost tools.
  • Garage Tour: The Roadster Shop

    Garage Tour: The Roadster Shop

    Wish you could take a behind-the-scenes tour of the legendary Roadster Shop? Don't worry, we got you.
  • Applied Ergonomics Conference 2023

    Applied Ergonomics Conference 2023

    Shop chairs have never been ergonomic - until we showed up and changed the game.
  • TRCMA 2023

    TRCMA 2023

    We gave a sneak peek at two new products at TRCMA 2023 - did you catch it live?
  • Height Matters

    Height Matters

    To get the best chair for your workstation, it all comes down to the numbers.
  • Acme Rod or Quick Height?

    Acme Rod or Quick Height?

    Our height adjustment mechanisms are built to last - but which one is right for you?
  • 4 Reasons You Need a Low Pro

    4 Reasons You Need a Low Pro

    The Low Pro is rated one of the best stools for the everyday garage, and there's reason for that.
  • Maneuverability is Key

    Maneuverability is Key

    You can't create the ultimate shop chair without conquering the zip tie - and we did it.
  • High Quality Hardware Matters

    High Quality Hardware Matters

    When it comes down to what's holding everything together, we only trust the best of the best.
  • 5 Reasons Why You Need This Creeper

    5 Reasons Why You Need This Creeper

    Let's be honest, the creeper you're using right now isn't cutting it. Here's why the Vyper Lay-Down Creeper does it all, and some.
  • Vyper x Ronin Tactics

    Vyper x Ronin Tactics

    Special limited edition designed with Tu Lam launched on Memorial Day leads to proud donation to veteran non-profit.
  • Find the Perfect Shop Chair

    Find the Perfect Shop Chair

    Are you having trouble finding the perfect chair for the job? Take the Vyper Quiz and get an answer in minutes.
  • Kick Your Feet Up

    Kick Your Feet Up

    Get comfortable with Vyper's state-of-the-art foot rails.
  • The Bigger the Better

    The Bigger the Better

    If you're looking to add even more comfort to your Vyper chair, look no further than the Big Boy attachment.
  • Vyper x FarmTruck & AZN

    Vyper x FarmTruck & AZN

    We sent FarmTruck & AZN our new Lay-Down Creeper. As expected, hijinks ensued.

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