All listed shifters are $225.00 USA shipped, only standard or reverse pattern gate in stock, call for options.

Looking for a Winters shifter, how about looking at our VX shifters instead.

Centered Stick Detent

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TH400 Choose Gate
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$65 US Shipped Only

Winters Std. 6ft shift cable

Winters part # 6014-72     

Reverse Light Kit
TH350 Choose Gate

Not stocking Winters shifters any more, due to inconsistent availability.

$55.00 US Shipped Only

Reverse Light Switch for Winters shifters

This kit is for the TH350/400's to install a switch inside of the Winters housing to control reverse/backup lights.

4L80e USA Shipped

Add the centered stick option to your Winters Shifter, either just the needed detent made from billet 6061 Aluminum or with the detent installed on your shifter when you order. The shifter will have to be disassembled to install the detent.

Winters Std. 5ft shift cable

Winters part # 6014-60     

Winters shifters for the older automatics and Parts

We try to keep a few of the units in stock for the still popular older automatic transmissions.

GM TH350          GM TH400            GM TH700r4/4L60e      GM 4L80e

  Shifters and Shift Controllers  NO TCM/PCM/TCU NEEDED

Typical time to ship is 1 week, thank you for your patience.