VX Shifter replacement cable, 5ft

VX Shift Cable 5ft

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VX Spacers to fit Winters width mounting.


The VX Shifter comes with a 5ft heavy duty shift cable, all the needed brackets and hardware, extra stops of various lengths and mounting brackets for the shifter.

Gate patterns can be fwd, rev, direct to reverse from fwd gears.

VX OD Switch

VX Shift Cable 6ft
GM Transmissions
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MOPAR Transmissions
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VX for Aisin/Warner 4spds, AW4/A340/03-72LE

includes installed solenoid control kit, for the AW4/A340 and 03-72LE transmission.

VX Shifter TUTD 6 & 8 Speed

VX Shifter Cover. Cut to fit.

​Top is cut , switch cutouts are not.

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VX Cable Brackets $55.00

VX Extra Stop Kit

VX Shifter  THE truly tunable shifter for your automatic transmissions. ​Prices start at $345 shipped in the USA.

6L80e TAP harness
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VX Cover Cut to Fit

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t-case drop side.

6L80/90, 8L90

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Shifters with Control Kits

Shifter, cable and brackets

VX Switch Kit to convert Standard shifter to solenoid control type your paragraph here.

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Shifter accessories

This shifter and kit can control the shift solenoids manually as you move the shift lever.

Ford Transmissions
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VX Spacer/Winters Adapter
VX Stop Kit

​The VX is designed with versatilty in mind. Gate stops can be installed to allow virtually any shift gate configuration. 300 series SS components make this a truly all weather shifter suitable for off road buggies. The unique design also looks good in a custom street car.

Jeep/Toyota Transmissions
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T-Case drop
VX Cable Brackets $55.00

VX Shifter cable arm, brackets and hardware to use your VX on a different transmission. 

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​Resistor Harness for GM trans.

VX shifter AW4/A340/Aisin 4spd
Factory trans T-Case drop
Intended Use for Gates

The unique design keeps the shift lever centered allow stops to be placed on either side of the shifter.

VX Shifter cable, 6ft

VX 6L80/90e, 8L90 and 6R80

With installed tap shift switches, transmission specific brackets, 5ft HD shift cable and instructions for installations and setup.

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  Shifters and Shift Controllers  NO TCM/PCM/TCU NEEDED

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