Transgo shift products  Legendary products for the ultimate in shift control

Shift Improver Kits and more of the industries top aftermarket transmission accessories manufacturer.

Switches and AccessoriesRocker switches, RADtainers and other 

Rocker switch selector kits, RADtainer brake retainer hose kits, and more.

Winters Shifters and Control Kits  Electric control Kits for your transmission

Gives manual control of 4spd automatic transmissions with or without the TCM/TCU or PCM.

AMS-Accessory Mount System Easy locking mounting system for keeping you accessories mounted securely and safely.

Toyota Triple & Twin Sticks FWD mount for your rear t-case levers: complete kit moves the rear t-case levers to the top of your front range box. Rear case Twin Sticks.

Fab Tray, Drill Rack, Torch Holder and More.

​Unique tools to make workign in the shop easier.

Winters- STD and parts   Shifters for the older transmissions not needing electronics

Rock ShiftersRugged floor shifters that allow direct shifting into Reverse from D. The Rail shift controller will bolt to the left hand side of these units. Use stock Jeep shift cables.

VX Floor Shifter The Ultimate floor shifter. Gate stops can be installed for virtually any gate configuration. Examples: Offroad rock crawl, drag racing, street. 

Baja V3   1-4 manual shift control:

Race version manual controller for the AW4, A340, 4L60E, 4L80E & RE4R01A automatics.

Rail Controller  1-4 Manual control:

Trail version manual controller for the AW4, A340, GM & RE4RO1A automatics.


Heavy Duty Rods and Pivot Kit for Atlas t-cases.

Heavy duty t-case shifting misc.


  Shifters and Shift Controllers  NO TCM/PCM/TCU NEEDED

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