Fab Tray & Kit

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MIG Gun Holder & clamp

Jack Stand storage

MIG Gun Holder USA Shipped

Install easily to a wall and keep those Jack stands out of the way.

Cordless Tool Rack

$30/set or 2 for $50.00. Free USA shipping

Designed to mount to a Harbor Freight style rolling stool base. So when that adjustable cylinder dies repurpose it to keep your tools organized. Just add a 24" 1-1/2" tube, choose to weld it or bolt it all together with a piece of all-thread.

Check out the following pics showing assembly.

Need is the mother of invention. I needed solutions to make fabrication easier, so here is what I have to share. More tools to come.

Jack Stand Set

Tray  with tube adapter is $65.00 USA shipped.

Just the tray is $50.00 USA shipped

RADesigns Products LLC 

Essential RAD fab tools

The need for what to do with the grinders and tools when doing fab work on your projects. Here is the solution. A simple laser cut tray that will hold two 4-1/2" grinders their wheel tools, welding pliers, squares, screwdrivers, punches, or whatever you need almost.

Building that chassis and no place to rest your MIG Gun, here is the solution. Clamp it on the tube where you are working, handy and easy to reach as you create that work of art. Shipped unpainted.

Holder and tube clamp is $26.00 USA shipped.

Holder alone is $20.00 USA Shipped.

  Shifters and Shift Controllers  NO TCM/PCM/TCU NEEDED

Typical time to ship is 1 week, thank you for your patience.

Simple cordless tool rack made from 11ga low carbon steel and shipped bare. Paint to match your tools or shop. 3 holes for mounting using 1/4" fasteners.

$30ea or 2 for $50 US Shipped

Fab Tray USA Shipped