Shifters and Shift Controllers  NO TCM/PCM/TCU NEEDED

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Baja v3

1-4 manual shift control of aw4, a340, 4L60E, 4L80E and re4r01a automatics

best uses: race and pre-running

You still need a floor shifter with this unit, it is for just 1-4 shift control.

This unit is designed to let you manually shift your electric controlled automatics. You no not need the TCM to use this, but you can wire it in with switches to retain your automatics shifting features if you still have the TCM system in your vehicles. Switch Selector Kit

Originally designed for a Jeepspeed XJ it works great for your trail rig if you like a larger shift controller than our Rail II model.

The unit is 6" long x 2-1/2" wide and 3" tall without the lever. There are stops for each gear up and down shifting.

This unit will work with the following:

AW4 found in Jeep Cherokees, Grand Cherokees and some Wranglers.

A340H/F/E used in Toyota trucks, 4Runner's, Supra's and Lexus 400 series.

RE4R01A found in Nissan Hardbody trucks, Pathfinders and XTerra's. Check your trans ID to verify.

GM 4L60E & 4L80E

Ford 4R70W

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This unit works on all listed trans.

Baja V3
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