Check out the internet: Google: AW4 shifter or Triple Sticks, you find RADesigns Products at the top of the list or very close to it.

Check out my Toyota builds on; Pirate 4x4, Marlin Crawler and Yotatech.

about me-

Rory Desjardin - Owner/Operator

Why radesigns?

  Shifters and Shift Controllers  NO TCM/PCM/TCU NEEDED

Typical time to ship is 1 week, thank you for your patience.

At RADesigns Products  we use what we sell, this is the whole evolution of our products line. No one was making and selling something we needed so we designed and built a product to fit our needs. The rest is history as we sell these products now.

 Feel confident you are buying a durable off road component. They are not designed with show, chrome, plastic or flashiness in mind. Durable, simple, robust and dependable is the theme to all RADesignsProducts.

Gearhead from birth is how he likes to characterize himself, he has been designing and building off road 4x4 parts for over 30yrs. His background is a farm boy, Mech. Engineer and Journeyman Machinist, he has the knowledge and capabilities to design and build most anything.